Epic World-Class Surfing in Barbados

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Barbados is the land of a thousand waves.   There are many world-class breaks as well as fun waves for beginners.

Lefts and rights crash all over the island.   If you want to surf, you can paddle out every day of the year!

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As a premier global surf spot, Barbados Surf offers something for everyone.

Each side of the island has different conditions.   Typically the east coast is epic from August through December but when the wind switches to onshore it can get big and messy, onshore Soup Bowl is no walk in the park.   The strong trade winds blowing from the East/Northeast create clean textured conditions on the South Coast at spots like Freights, South Point, and Brandons.  

If you are lucky, you may get the West Coast when a strong North swell comes down.   North swells wrap around the West Coast and combine with the East winds which offer up some of the cleanest rights and lefts you could ever surf. Once you surf Barbados, you will not want to surf anywhere else!

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