Looking for rights?

How would you like to surf Kelly Slater’s favorite wave?

If you know your surf movies then you’ve heard of Soup Bowl.   This wave is powerful, raw, and in control.   Soup Bowl is not a place for a novice surfer but all surfers should at least watch the Bowl when it’s working.


Epic Soup!

Rights break all over Barbados so you won’t have any trouble surfing them.   The pictures above show Soup Bowl really doing its thing but it’s not always like this.   A nice head high day is really fun but still challenging.

The east coast is the place to be for rights which do break pretty much ALL YEAR ROUND!

When a good North Swell comes down, the West Coast will fire and you will have to experience it.   Try Duppies at the North West tip, or go a little further down the West to Maycocks.   Maycocks breaks in front of the cement factory at the Northern part of the West Coast.

The cool thing about the West Coast on a good North swell is that there are tons of little nooks and crannies to explore.

Clean West Coast Conditions